Hindi Language Training In Mumbai

Hindi language is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and is the most important language as well that’s why it’s learning speaking services are provided in Hindi Language Training In Mumbai. It’s has estimated that worldwide, nearly half a billion people speak Hindi. The importance of Hindi is one of the many languages which is often considered as the national and an official language of the India. Hindi language is also called as Hindi-Urdu or Hindustani which also consists of many different regional and national dialects. Hindi is derived from the Indo-European language family of languages. Language closest to the Hindi is Arabic. Unlike Arabic, Hindi is written from left to right side.

Why Learn Hindi Language.?

Over Half a Billion People Worldwide Speak Hindi

Hindi is the native as well as the mother tongue of the country which is also the second most language of the world. It is also referred to as Hindi-Urdu, Modern Standard Hindi, Standard Hindi as well as the Literary Hindi. Approximately 300 million natives speak Hindi and another 200 million speak Hindi as a secondary language.

Many Jobs are Being Outsourced to India

Most of the technical jobs are presently being outsourced over to India. Even if you don’t personally think of any plans of your plans to migrate to India, then also, you can easily find yourself in dealing with the native Hindi-speakers.

India is One of the Most Exotic Tourist Locations

India is the most exotic tourist country in all over the world. By picturing India, a person can easily imagine the wonders which behold the white-domed Taj Mahal, spicy cuisine, cups of steaming chai tea, women’s vibrant colored saris, sacred cows, intricate temples, elephant rides, rickshaws as well as the bustling streets that inevitably enters in the mind of any individual. A large number of tourists come to India to see the Delhi’s landmarks, marvel at Karnataka’s monumental architecture, enjoy Goa’s sandy beaches, experience Mumbai’s cosmopolitan nightlife and admire the palaces of Rajasthan and in fact, much more.

Growth of India’s Economy is Unstoppable

India is consistently becoming the biggest exporters of commerce, business, digital media, as well as most of the other related information that are also based on technologies in all over the world.

Academic Reasons to Learn Hindi

Owing to the Hindi speakers people in the country, most of the world’s governments as well as agencies have been providing the scholarships and other related and mandatory opportunities especially for those who are interested in Hindi studies and learning Hindi as well.

Course Structure

• • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the distinctive sounds, vocabulary, and sentence structure of Hindi
• Understand the cultural rules of engagement at work in India, in particular (i.e., dos and don‟ts and different interpretation of eye contact, proxemics, and other body language)
• Participate in elementary level exchanges with other Hindi speaker (i.e., greeting individuals appropriately, asking for information, including asking for and giving directions, and leave taking)
• Correctly identify (in spoken and written language) and write all individual and blended consonant and vowel sounds, and under stand, read and write atleast 2 frequency words
• Follow basic directions worded in Hindi (orally and in writing), including landmark based directions which are more common in India, given the relative absence of chronological zip code based numerical addresses)
• Understand and construct simple sentences in speech and writing

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